About Glacier Cloud Backup


Unlimited Versioning

Glacier provides fully versioned backup, and retains every version of every file that a user backs up.  After the initial upload of a file, the Glacier backup engine calculates binary deltas, extracting only the 1’s and 0’s that have changed in a file since the last backup. Only the binary changes between file versions are transmitted. This has the side affect of creating a version tree, which allows users to roll back to any saved version of a file.
Competitive note: most competitive solutions only support a limited number (usually up to 30) of versions for a given file.


Glacier also retains files that a customer accidentally deletes off their client system.  The Glacier system supports “archiving,” which is explicitly disclaimed by major competitors. Thus if a user accidentally deletes their file from their client system, Glacier will allow them to recover it ad infinitem.

Robust File & Network Support

All Glacier’s features - open file backup, optional continuous data protection, network and database server backup – are designed for use in enterprise and SMB environments, whilst being carefully engineered from a usability perspective to make sure that the powerful features are still usable by a consumer. 
Competitive note: open file backup, resumable file transferring, continuous data protection, and the ability to handle large files are all features of Glacier that most competitors in the consumer and SMB space do not have.  No other system has the same breadth and depth of technology features as the Glacier system, as recently identified by PC Magazine.

Glacier Cloud Backup Plans

Plan GB Price / Mth
Standard 10 $15.00
Pro 20 $27.00
Heavy 50 $65.00
Large 100 $120.00
Super 200 $200.00

Multi-data Center Architecture

Glacier has ten data centers throughout the world (five in the United States, two in Europe, one in Asia and two in Australia).
Not only does Glacier have more centers than competitors, but Glacier also redundantly stores data. After the initial upload to a data center, Glacier transmits the data to a second data center.
In the unlikely event of the catastrophic loss of a center Glacier can redirect customers to the redundant center.
Competitive note: Competitors usually have only have fewer than five data centers.  Most online backup companies do not have a global infrastructure grid as broad as the Glacier data grid.  The ability to store data within a specific country is important for key markets such as the UK, the EU, and Canada.

Immediate Access to Files via Browser or Software

Users can access their data through the Glacier client software, or partner software; and alternatively through a web interface.  Downloads are immediate and may be of any version of any file that has been saved.